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Do you work full-time? Or maybe you need some well deserved time for yourself?


Betty Eliason Child Care Center is just the place for quality childcare in a nurturing environment.

Our dedicated staff believes your children deserve the physical, emotional, educational, and nutritional support they need to develop their individual potential.

Each day will be filled with opportunities for play and creative thinking. Your children will have fun exploring art, listening to music, dancing, storytelling, and playing outside. 

Each program meets the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services regulations and maintains the best child-to-caregiver ratio for each classroom. 

So if you're ready to jumpstart your child’s early learning call 907-747-5893 // 907-747-5422 or email and schedule a tour with us today!

Fun Facts

In January 1978 The Sitka Day Care Center was established with eleven children. In four years, it had grown to one hundred and thirty children, which at the time operated three centers in three different locations.


November 1 st, 1983 Sitka Day Care Center leased the land from the Russian Orthodox Church for the next 55 years. In 1981 the lease was assigned to the City and Borough of Sitka, so they could obtain grant funding from the State which was spearheaded by Sen. Dick Eliason.


The center was then renamed after the Senator’s wife who was an advocate for children. On February 27, 1983, the Inaugural ceremonies were held for Betty Eliason Child Care Center.

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